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The inspiration of Angelic Bites came from the owners own personal experience with the love of delicate sweets and savory delights. After deciding to change lifestyle decision for longevity of health, she soon began modifying ways to include the pleasures of life in safe and affordable accommodations. She learned that baking from scratch and being mindful of all the ingredients that were put into recipes, contributes to the quality of our health. Cinnamon rolls were the start-up treat that she began sharing with her family, friends and loved ones for meals, holiday and special occasions. Her light and pleasant treats not only provide the robust taste but the quality over quantity experience in ingredients and well. She acknowledges her children being her pride and joy and inspiration to live not only happily but healthy as well.


Angelic Bites believes that your health should not have to be compromised every now and then try a treat. The dough, icing and vanilla are all homemade with love. The dough, icing and fruit filled flavorings are prepared fresh upon each order request. The dough, icing, and fruit filled flavoring are all dairy free and can be prepared nut allergen free upon request. The delightful brownies hold no dairy products and can be made nut allergen free as well.


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